Project Management

Source: Mid-West Automation Systems, Inc.
Project Management
Success in a global economy depends on the timely market of quality products
Success in a global economy depends on the timely market of quality products. The assembly and test system for maufacturing your products plays an essential role in this success. The on-time delivery of the custom designed assembly and test system may be the single most critical element.

The design, manufacture, debug and acceptance of custim assembly and test equipment is a complex task at best. Bringing multiple engineering and manufacturing disciplines together in a coordinated effort to create a one-of-a-kind, highly productive, higly efficient assembly & test system requires precise measurment of progress and deep commitment to accomplishment.

To assure our delivery commitment to you is maintained and your production start-up takes place as scheduled, hundreds of engineering and manufacturing tasks must occur as planned. These tasks must be measured and managed task-by-task, resource skill set-by-resource skill set. A solitary Gantt chart with start and finish dates revised only upon customer demand, does not itself provide project management.

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