Source: Barrington Consultants Inc.
Barrington Consultants, Inc. is introducing a new solid state transformer temperature monitor
Barrington Consultants Inc.[=image1]]" ALIGN=right> Barrington Consultants, Inc. is introducing a new solid state transformer temperature monitor that is SCADA ready and monitors both oil and winding temperatures. Due to the lack of moving parts the OWM will not mechanically malfunction.

The OWM (Oil/Winding Temperature Monitor) is designed for easy installation on single or three phase single tank transformers.

In addition to temperature monitoring and cooling control functions there are two new Barrington innovations added for utility convenience and to extend the useful life of the transformer. (1.) The "LOOKBACK" feature is provided for ambient compensation. This feature allows the utility to compensate for hot spells with ambient temperature set back capability. This feature can be used to start the cooling system at a lower temperature for hot spells and can effectively provide a cooling "head start" . (2) The cooling monitor feature can be set to alarm for any reduced cooling current. (i.e. One or two fans not running.) Another selectable feature is provided to exercise the cooling system for a ten minute period each 24 hours.

Local indication includes winding temperature, peak winding temperature, top oil temperature, and peak top oil temperature with manual reset. Winding temperature is obtained using dual pt100 RTD probes. Displays are .39" backlit LCD's that continuously display all four temperatures simultaneously. Communications include SCADA ready outputs, dry contacts for local annunciation, and a RS232/485 port.

The OWM is housed in an 8" X 10" X 6" NEMA 4 windowed enclosure. The enclosure is designed to be mounted on an existing transformer control cabinet. Ambient operating temperature range is -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C. Installation is quite easy. Operation is quite reliable.

Power requirements are 120 or 230VAC 50/60hz. The analog outputs can be connected to an existing SCADA system. The analog outputs supplied are 0 - 5 volts dc, 4-20ma or 0-1ma "switchable" representing -40 to 220 degrees centigrade for oil and winding temperatures. The OWM is designed to meet IEEE/ANSI C37.90 specifications for protective relaying applications.

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