News | October 19, 2023

OmniOn Power Enters EV Charging Market With Reliable, Efficient Power Supply

Dallas, TX - (BUSINESS WIRE) - As the consumer market for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, the need for faster, more reliable and available charging infrastructure becomes increasingly prevalent. To address the needs of today and tomorrow, original equipment manufacturers and power providers must develop innovative solutions that further entice consumers to make the switch from gasoline-powered vehicles and better support the needs of those who already have.

OmniOn Power is helping to meet the power, reliability and efficiency needs of the growing EV industry by leveraging its extensive DC power solution and system expertise to develop new 30-kilowatt power supplies specifically designed for the market – its EV100H3NK and EV101H3N1K. The rectifiers convert commercial AC power to the highly efficient DC power used in the latest fast DC chargers being developed today.

“While this may be our first product specifically designed for EV charging, we have an extensive history of working with customers to design and develop innovative power solutions for their critical infrastructure, such as the latest wireless architectures and high-performance data centers,” said Gopal Mitra, industrial segment leader for OmniOn Power. “This inaugural entry into the EV market allows us to apply our deep domain expertise into a growing industry, offering reliability, leadership and guidance to customers looking to build their next fast DC-powered EV charger.”

To improve charger reliability and availability, the rectifiers can be deployed in parallel configurations of up to 12 or more power supplies, providing total system capacities up to 360kW and higher. For easier maintenance, the rectifier modules feature plug-and-play connectivity, allowing for units to be quickly swapped out when servicing to minimize down time. The rectifiers also integrate CAN automotive communications protocols, streamlining integration and communication between components.

Measuring in at a space-saving 13.23 inches wide, 3.3 inches high and 17.25 inches deep, the EV100H3NK and EV101H3N1K rectifiers from OmniOn Power feature a 480V three-phase input, as well as 30kW DC fast-charging-compatible output with an adjustable output range of 50-1,000 volts DC (VDC) that is settable by the host charger.

Additional technical specifications:

  • 19-inch rack mount for easy installation.
  • Remote firmware download supports field upgrades.
  • Meets UL, VDE, and CE safety requirements.

While both the EV100H3NK and the EV101H3N1K convert utility power to high-voltage DC power for use inside DC fast chargers, the EV101H3N1K adds a discrete emergency power off circuit for added safety. This functionality enables the rectifier to comply with local or regional jurisdictions that require an electromechanical energy disconnect for rapid shut-down in case of emergency.

“Two of the commonly mentioned challenges to widespread EV adoption are the time required for charging and the uptime, or availability, of charging infrastructure. Consumers want to know that a fast charger is going to be available and fast when they drive up to it. Using highly reliable, high-capacity power supplies as the building blocks for next-generation EV chargers will help to address these issues,” Mitra continued. “Our history of maintaining and servicing DC fast chargers as well as similar critical DC equipment helps us to anticipate power challenges the industry may face and engineer solutions that help improve uptime and performance.”

To learn more about OmniOn Power’s EV100H3NK and EV101H3N1K EV rectifiers, click here. To discuss your unique power challenges with an OmniOn Power expert, please submit a product inquiry here.

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