New Modules

Source: Meridium, Inc.
The following new modules have just been released as part
The following new modules have just been released as part of Meridium's Enterprise Reliability Management System:

Metrics Manager
This is a web-based online analytical processing tool for multidimensional data viewing and analysis with graphical drill-down capabilities. This new module gives clients the power to define and standardize, enterprise-wide, how they measure maintenance and reliability.

PROACT for Meridium
This is a fully integrated Root Cause Analysis tool based on Reliability Center's methodology. This module takes full advantage of the reporting, querying and analytical power of Meridium to allow users to perform RCAs and access related data.

Also available are:

Turnaround Manager
This module is a browser-based planning and tracking tool for turnarounds, shutdowns and outages. The high-level planning tool provides a process for the management and execution of important maintenance.

This is a browser-based answers-and-experts exchange for managing expertise within an organization. eConnx provides users with a tool for asking questions and seeking answers. Behind eConnX is a robust, searchable database ready to store all the expertise a company has to offer.

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