Newsletter | February 10, 2005

2.10.2005 -- NERC Adopts New Reliability Standards
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NERC Adopts New Reliability Standards

The Board of Trustees of the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) today unanimously agreed to adopt a comprehensive set of reliability standards for the bulk electric system. The new reliability standards incorporate the existing NERC operating policies, planning standards, and compliance requirements into an integrated and comprehensive set of measurable reliability standards...

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CableCURE® Process And Technology
The CableCURE process is simple and elegant... as all great ideas are. The simplicity of the process is the source for its cost-effectiveness. You can learn more about the CableCURE process on this page, but first let's look at why underground cable needs CableCURE technology...

Sylgard® HVIC
Utility maintenance engineers around the world have relied on Sylgard High Voltage Insulator Coating (HVIC) for more than 25 years to protect against power distribution interruptions due to arcing and flashover from salt spray, industrial pollutants, and even desert sand...

Transmission Reliability & System Planning Regulatory Expertise
Transmission planning and system operations professionals understand that regulatory and congressional actions have an impact on your business – both in terms of your operations and the bottom line...

Substation Monitoring System
Designed with advanced maintenance-free electronics and Industrial Protective Packaging, the MikroScan 7302 Substation Monitoring System features real-time data image transfer via IEEE 1394 and remote monitoring capabilities via wired or wireless Ethernet...

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Article: Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis
'Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together'
Two industrial electricians began work in the basement electrical room one day. They wanted to take some physical measurements and knew the switchgear was energized but were in a hurry to get started...
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