Multitasking TR-2000 Family

Source: Ametek Power Instruments, Canada
The Multifunction Recorder (TR-2000) series was designed
to be at the leading edge of technology
Be prepared in today's
increasingly competitive and dynamic industry.

The Multifunction Recorder (TR-2000) series was designed
to be at the leading edge of technology. These recorders represent the next generation
of utility analysis monitoring.

A farsighted product, which uses the most advanced technology available, yet remains fully compatible with the successful
TR-100 and DL-8000 series recorders.

Today's customers expect superior solutions for their needs. Concerned with obtaining optimal power flow via the network, while still retaining control and reliability, they are demanding not only increased, but integrated functionality to be provided in a cost effective product. Such a product aids asset management and planning, while remaining fully flexible and compatible with existing systems and producing real time answers. The total package is not complete without the superior, reliable support and after sales service, which one can expect from RiS.

Such solutions can only be met by listening to the customer and utilizing advanced technology in a variety of unique and important applications. The bottom line is that our customers wish to obtain a greater degree of useful information to gain a competitive advantage, retain their customers and lower operational costs. The TR-2000 has many functions aimed at obtaining not just standard data, but more useful information and presenting it in such a way as to aid engineering personnel making rapid decisions. For a relatively small capital outlay the recorder can have a big impact on the effectiveness of the power system, via protection, monitoring, minimal maintenance and asset management.
The TR-2000 family has a range of models, allowing the customer to choose that which best meets technical requirements and budgetary constraints.
The TR-2000 is a dynamic monitoring system, producing information in an accessible format to enable direct action to be taken, sometimes even before a potential problem becomes a reality. Communication with the recorder can be both local and remote allowing for flexibility of response and the ability to obtain real time information.
A major benefit of the TR-2000 is that it aids real time monitoring of a power system. This could enable the increased loading of transmission lines, so a greater amount of control could be obtained over the transmission networks producing substantial resultant savings. In a deregulated environment the TR-2000 provides the necessary data to increase revenues.

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