News | May 20, 2014

GRID20/20, Inc. Introduces ‘CAMPAIGN 500'

Heart-of-the-Grid Sensing is Affordable, Versatile, and Necessary

Richmond, VA /PRNewswire/ - GRID20/20, Inc., a leading Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM) provider formally announced its release of CAMPAIGN 500 to the US and Canada electric utility markets.   

Beginning May 12, 2014, this unique Rebate Program makes available the patented GRID20/20 OptaNODE™ DTM hardware devices for a net price of only $500 each.  

This limited time offer is specific to the GRID20/20 OptaNODE™ DTM GP version which is skillfully designed for both pole and pad mount single phase distribution transformers.  The GRID20/20 device presents the fastest installation approach in the industry. The team at GRID20/20 indicated that it will offer OptaNODE™ DTM devices carrying onboard GSM or RF Mesh radio communications during this unprecedented initiative.

Scott Bussing, VP Sales for GRID20/20 noted, "The global electric utility industry is truly in need of versatile intra-grid sensors, and we are going to remedy that need by starting in the US and Canada markets. CAMPAIGN 500 is a serious validation to the industry of our commitment to help mitigate unnecessary losses, directly improve operating efficiencies, and lower costs."

The company has been actively publishing a series of articles and partaking in various printed interviews to perpetuate DTM awareness to the global electric industry. Their articles have appeared in market leading venues such as Smart Grid Newsletter, Smart Cities Council, and M2Mpaper. All publications are now available on the company's website ( The overarching theme clearly illustrates the tremendous value presented by intra-grid data being leveraged from transformer points throughout the distribution network.

Alan Snook, President of GRID20/20 commented, "The perfect storm has materialized. Utilities and industry giants have concluded that smart grid success will require timely data from within the heart of the distribution grid. Our solution hits this problem head on, and we're ready to help electricity providers to proactively solve their distribution challenges." Snook further mentioned, "By combing timely data extracted at the transformer assets via our OptaNODE™ solution, along with SCADA and endpoint meter data, utilities will truly achieve a powerful smart grid experience."

The industry has evolved beyond the installation of smart meters, and very sophisticated substation monitoring. Smart grid leaders once believed that data points afforded by SCADA and endpoint meters would suffice in their quest for genuine grid modernization. For a short period, it was hoped that algorithms could fill in the 'missing data holes' resulting from a lack of versatile, cost effective intra-grid sensors. That mentality has now been replaced. 

Leaders now realize that sensors positioned on distribution transformers will successfully complete the data triangulation needed for advanced grid intelligence. The immediate future will yield a comprehensive solution that combines SCADA, endpoint meter, and distribution transformer data sources. The industry refers to this compilation of information as 'big data'.  GRID20/20 will enable big data providers to achieve the powerful triangulation needed for mastering smart grids around the globe.

Bussing stated, "We are providing our CAMPAIGN 500 Rebate Program in the US and Canada from May 12, 2014 through January 30, 2015.  Regardless of the device quantities ordered, our OptaNODE™ DTM devices will be rebated to a low-cost of just $500 each. The program is simple; provide us with a PO during the limited period and we will lock in your net price at $500.  Shipment of orders must be taken by June 30, 2015."

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