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Trouble Call Analysis and Operations Management
Gentry Systems, Inc.l Analysis and Operations Management

The Right Answer
Two important issues for utility companies today are Emergency Preparedness and Customer Service. GenTCA addresses both of these issues by providing a utility the means of identifying an outage, determining the extent of those affected and facilitating power restoration.
GenTCA can be integrated with GenMap (AM/FM/GIS) or operated as a stand-alone Gentry Systems, Inc.l package. GenTCA analyzes incoming calls to determine the source of the outage and automates the procedures necessary to record outage information and restore power.

GenTCA can prioritize outages by:

1. Priority (Medical, Factory, etc.)
2. Number of consumers
3. Order of sequence of outage
4. Transformers
5. Devices

Once calls have been logged, GenTCA will make an analysis of the calls and based upon the current distribution connectivity model, begin making accurate prediction(s) of where the outage(s) are occurring.

By selecting one of the predictions, a detailed analysis of the outage appears showing the equipment, circuit, substation and number of consumer accounts involved.

Outage Management
GenTCA also provides tools that assist dispatching and operations personnel in managing the outages (planned and unplanned), responding to consumers and producing post outage reports.

GenTCA maintains records and reports by substation, feeder, equipment, cause and consumer for each outage. GenTCA can analyze and produce reports based on any timeframe required by the end user. Summary reports are automatically produced in GenTCA by:
1. The entire system
2. Substation
3. Feeder
4. Equipment
5. Cause
6. Consumer
7. Percentage of Reliability
8. Average Time-Out by Consumer

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