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The most valuable assets for any utility are its plant and facilities and how they relate to their customers
The Right Decision
The most valuable assets for any utility are its plant and facilities and how they relate to their customers. Utilities today rely on having accurate up-to-date information for decisions on increasing revenues, improving customer service and expansion.

The use of GenMap provides accurate and detailed mapping data which integrates with the corporate database and can help management maximize resources and aid in the decision making process.

Gentry Systems offers solutions for utilities that meets their needs now and in the future. Because of the depth of Gentry Systems' extensive client base and the fact that we integrate with so many third-party applications, we know what utilities need to increase automation productivity.

Gentry Systems AM/FM/GIS, GenMap, provides utilities with a transparent bi-directional interface between AutoCAD and the database. This allows for simultaneous operations and updating between graphic entities and their associated non-graphic database records.

Data Integrity
GenMap's users definable Data Integrity Checking modules help maintain the integrity and accuracy of the mapping data world.

Engineering Interface
GenMap provides a direct interface to the most popular distribution analysis engineering packages. These include DPA/G and WindMil.

The GenEDA module controls the exchange of data between GenMap and a third-party engineering analysis package. Engineers can create geographic based Circuit Diagrams, color coded by analysis results, post specific results, and split engineering line section data.

Automatic Circuit Connectivity
GenMap creates and maintains global circuit connectivity automatically. GenMap is seamless database and a very powerful graphical tool that allows the end user to trace each circuit(s) from any given location, either upstream or downstream. More important is GenMap's ability to audit the database and alert the end user to connectivity inconsistencies as they occur.

Multi-User Capability
GenMap is completely functional running on Novell, NT Server and most other networking programs. GenMap can be installed as a stand-alone workstation initially and networked with additional workstations as needs arise.

The Proven Solution
As the leader in providing mapping solutions to electric utilities, we understand exactly how to apply GIS technology to our clients - solid applications that truly enhance productivity.

If you want a proven software package that is going to provide the routines that will increase your productivity in a straight forward, efficient manner - then GenMap is the Right Solution for you.

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