Newsletter | January 6, 2005

1.06.2005 -- EPRI Solutions, Inc. Completes Merger With EPRI PEAC Corporation And Primen, Inc.
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EPRI Solutions, Inc. Completes Merger With EPRI PEAC Corporation And Primen, Inc.
EPRIsolutions, Inc. successfully completed its planned merger today with two other affiliates of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). In this consolidation, three formerly separate companies – EPRI Solutions, Inc., EPRI PEAC Corp., and Primen, Inc. – have merged to form a new company now called EPRI Solutions, Inc...

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561®Transformer Fluid
561® Transformer Fluid is a dimethyl silicone insulating material for power transformers. It provides a unique combination of dependable safety features and high-performance characteristics in comparison to mineral transformer oil...

Energy Management System (EMS) Risk Assessment & Mitigation
Utilities have been relying on Energy Management Systems (EMS) for over two decades. Many of the systems in place today are under-maintained and under-utilized...

The MIDAS thermal imaging camera is an extremely lightweight, high-performance handheld IR camera offering capabilities normally found in models costing much more...

CableCURE® Process And Technology
The CableCURE process is simple and elegant ... as all great ideas are. The simplicity of the process is the source for its cost-effectiveness. You can learn more about the CableCURE process on this page, but first let's look at why underground cable needs CableCURE technology...

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The Fundamentals of Power Transmission & Distribution Flow Chart
By Pennwell Publishing Company

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