Energy Commodity Procurement Services


Energy Commodity Procurement Services
The deregulating marketplace is a confusing and unorganized environment
The deregulating marketplace is a confusing and unorganized environment. Who do you go to find the best price? How do you proceed with energy purchasing confident that you are making the best choices? Answers to these questions require the expertise and industry knowledge that eNERGYSolve's experts possess. eNERGYSolve makes sure that its customers maximize the benefits of deregulating electricity markets.

To obtain the lowest price for its customers' electricity or natural gas needs, eNERGYSolve generates load profiles of energy use for their facilities in those markets where there is customer choice. These load profiles are created from our utility bill analysis services or independently from you or your utility if you have not yet taken advantage of our utility bill analysis services.

eNERGYSolve also aggregates loads to produce greater savings. eNERGYSolve asks qualified and financially secure suppliers to submit bids to fulfill the needs of the facilities that the supplier is capable of serving. Common contractual terms are specified.

eNERGYSolve is creating an automated bidding process through a web-enabled auction platform in order to expand its supplier reach at lower costs allowing it to pass additional savings on to its customers. This auction platform will also be available to energy consumers that want to conduct their own procurement activities., 27 Worlds Fair Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873. Tel: 732-748-9600; Fax: 732-748-9640.