Emergency AC Power System

Source: Computer Power Inc.
Emergency AC Power System
Offering a transfer time of less than 50-milliseconds, the
Computer Power Inc.transfer time of less than 50-milliseconds, the Illuminator II is used in applications where reliability, low maintenance and minimum floorspace are important design considerations. On-board microprocessors control all system functions, including routine diagnostics. This inverter is designed to deliver reliable and efficient emergency AC power. It converts DC voltage supplied by the battery to AC voltage of precisely stabilized amplitude and frequency suitable for powering electronic ballasts, power factor corrected ballasts and self-ballasted fluorescent lamps and incandescent lighting. Available options include a battery exerciser, variable time delay circuit, and remote summary alarm panel.

These power systems are floor mounted, and housed in heavy gauge sheet metal cabinets requiring front access only; modular design of system component assemblies allows ease of servicing and minimizes repair time. Each cabinet contains knockouts for inter-wiring with conduit. Systems are also designed with fail safe circuitry to help protect against short circuit and overloads. Additional safety features include a low voltage battery disconnect circuit to protect cell reversal, utility brownout circuit and optional variable (1-15 min.) re-transfer time delay.

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