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Basic power measurement is but one of the features of this value-packed, low cost, end-use PC-based metering system.<
Basic power measurement is but one of the features of this value-packed, low cost, end-use PC-based metering system.

ELITEpro is not what you might think. It has no integral display. It is microprocessor-based, yet it doesn't calculate 301 rarely used parameters. I doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And equally important, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to learn how to use it, either!

What ELITEpro does do is perform data logging of KWh, Volts, Amps, KVA, KVAR and power factor for single and three-phase loads. It also offers, as standard, Power Quality via harmonics and waveform capture. It does all this for less than $1,000, including the first copy of software!

Using the Elog software on your PC, you can view instantaneous electrical parameters, or download and trend average, minimum and maximum values gathered at user-selectable intervals.

Additional optional memory makes this an ideal choice for portable applications or infrequently downloaded remote energy monitoring and power quality analysis as well.

An optional internal modem, available in 2400 or 9600 baud, makes remote access very cost effective.

The ELITEpro is so small it can easily fit inside most electrical cabinets. That eliminates the problems most often associated with panel-mounted or external metering. Four toothy crocodile voltage clips facilitate connection to most conductors and phase configurations up to 600 VAC. A wide range of clamp-on, split and solid-core current transformers (CT's) allow current measurement to 6000 amps!

ELOG software is used to program the logger, display real-time metered values, and retrieve and analyze archived data. This Windows compatible software package graphically depicts harmonics and waveforms, performs analysis and allows automatic, remote data collection.

The system uses 333 millivolt CT's for current monitoring. We can provide clamp-on, split and solid core current transformers for a wide variety of needs.

The ELITEpro features:

4 current inputs
3 voltage inputs
Power Measurement
Energy Measurement
True RMS values
50 or 60Hz
Harmonics to 63rd.
Battery operated, no AC required
Long battery life (3 - 10 years)
NEMA 4 option available
(small increase in size/weight)
Real Time Clock

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