Bullhorn Remote Monitoring

Source: American Innovations Ltd.
Bullhorn Remote Monitoring
The temperature of a crucial pipeline drops, and a rupture will soon follow.
The temperature of a crucial pipeline drops, and a rupture will soon follow. The Bullhorn Remote Monitoring System recognizes the temperature change and instantly sends the warning through a wireless network. It reaches the American Innovations website and in seconds alerts one of your technicians by email, fax and/or page. The problem is fixed immediately and a potentially dangerous and costly disaster is averted.

The Bullhorn wireless monitoring system is a low-cost solution that lets you configure alarms, control equipment and receive data through AI's secure website...all without having to manage any of the technical aspects of the system. There's no complicated software to install, no annual maintenance and no need to negotiate with cellular service providers. We do everything for you. You just get the data you want when you want it. Bullhorn has incredibly diverse monitoring capabilities. It can monitor and control cathodic equipment, storage tanks, pumping stations, gas compressors, refrigeration units, elevators, pipes, railroad crossings, meters and all other varieties of industrial equipment.


  • Sends instant notifications of "out of spec" events by fax, page and/or email
  • Monitors numerous kinds of industrial equipment including gas compressors, pumping stations, tank levels, rectifiers, and refrigeration units
  • Automatically notifies key personnel via e-mail, pager
  • Cost-effective system, with low monthly fees
  • World wide data access via the Internet
  • Notifies technicians of potential problems before they become serious or hazardous
  • Performs equipment health checks as often as 12 times a day
  • Reads PD meters along natural gas pipelines

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