8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators

Source: Rycom Instruments, Inc.
The 8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locator surpasses other locators on the market when it comes to price, durability and size
The 8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locator surpasses other locators on the market when it comes to price, durability and size.
The 8852 is a diversified piece of equipment at a great value. This unit can locate metallic cables and pipes, and is designed specifically for locating buried drop cable and finding sheath-to-ground or pair-to-ground faults. This advanced product works on shielded and universal drop cable with no shielding. The dual frequency design, ease of operation, accuracy and price make the 8852 the best and ultimate choice for anyone locating and pinpointing faults on drop cables.
The handheld, lightweight 8852 locator quickly picks up signals when the receiver is placed at waist level. This locating device is designed to locate around power lines without interference.
The 8852 uses both variable pitch audiotone and analog meter movement to detect the location of the buried utility. Like the 8850, this locating device has two frequencies, 815Hz and 82kHz. The two frequencies allow the user to choose the frequency based upon the soil and fault conditions.
The 8852 can be purchased with either the null or the peak antenna. The choice depends upon the user's preference. The unit must be ordered with the optional Ground Return Probe (GRP) to be a fault locator. Other available options are the Cable Pair Identifier, Cable Identifier and Flexicoupler.
By attaching the optional accessories, the 8852 locating device can be converted into a versatile piece of equipment at a very economical price.
The 8852 can locate by direct connection, flexicoupler induction and transmitter induction. Depth measurements up to 15 feet can be accomplished by 45-degree triangulation or by using the straight lift method for measurement.
This 8852 "cable drop" locator and fault finder is the most economical and precise instrument in locating buried drop cables, as well as, finding sheath-to ground and pair-to-ground faults offered on the marketplace today.
The 8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locator is another "Best Value" from
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