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Sonic Flow Analysis

The hydraulic fluid system sonic flow analysis uses a sonic flow-measuring device designed to be non-intrusive

Software Program

e-PowerForms is a commercially available software program for test forms. The software integrates forms used in electrical testing and maintenance...
Cable Splicing And Terminating – Medium Voltage

Cable Splicing And Terminating – Medium Voltage

Proper installation of cable splices and terminations drastically improves the lifetime of cables and prevents damage to downstream equipment, and more importantly, nearby personnel.  Inadequate installation and testing of cable joints and terminations is the number one cause of failure (IEEE Std 493-2007 Table 10-33).  Properly trained personnel can alleviate issues and improve safety while dealing with solid dielectric power cables. 

AMC-1022 Series Gas Detection Monitor

The AMC-1022 Series of monitors is an economical gas detection system engineered to continuously monitor a variety of toxic or combustible gases.
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